It’s almost here! That one special day we set aside each year for togetherness, family, hope, joy and peace on earth to honor our Savior’s birth. And I know that although it’s become a huge commercial machine and the hustle-bustle often leaves us feeling frazzled and stressed, sometimes all it takes is a few quiet moments under the Christmas lights to restore the peace in my soul. Because I know that no matter the pace of life around me, I am where I am meant to be and He is in charge.

For Christians this time of year is a reminder that someone once loved us so much they were willing to give us a second chance, they were willing to allow forgiveness into the world, they were willing to teach us that love can be greater than hate, that kindness is more powerful than indifference and that man does not walk the world alone. It reminds us that no matter how many times we fail, we can rise again with the hope of doing better tomorrow. HOPE, LOVE, PEACE ON EARTH, AND GOOD WILL TO MEN. In quiet moments the power in these words whispers to my heart and reminds me, I too am forgiven, pardoned for my sins.

For a few weeks each year, we all share a little more compassion, we think of those less fortunate, and we think a bit more of the ways we are all connected – our humanness. If we could all remember to put a little bit of that in our hearts to carry with us all year long. If we could see the frailty of the human condition – there is an inherent loneliness in being human, and a yearning for acceptance, for love, from our fellow man. We are all just fumbling along our paths, no matter how confident we may appear, and the reality is, none of it really matters in the end. Not the money we earn, or the accomplishments we will or won’t be remembered for.

So this year, try to do a little more of the things that speak to your soul. Hold someone’s hand, pause and listen to the laughter of a child, watch the birds as they dance on the air and stand in the stillness beneath a tree and listen as it speaks to you. Forgive your fellow man for his humanness and ignore his slights, forgive his transgressions, and be complete within your soul. You are enough, you are everything and you are loved, just as you are.

No matter your religion; no matter whether it’s Santa Claus who fills your stocking or you choose not to participate in that tradition; no matter where you spend your day, pause and remember that love and forgiveness are the true meaning behind our celebration. So now and all year long, let your heart be filled with the peace and joy of understanding that the greatest gift of all is knowing that you are never truly alone.


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