Okay, I haven’t posted any quotes or thoughts for awhile so this one is going to be “off the cuff” . . . I have been thinking about attitude today, about trying to stay positive even in the face of set backs and losses. I tend to bury my stress under activity sometimes, I push myself to exhaustion in a flurry of activity and when I’m not doing something, I’m eating . . . I’m a stress eater and I crave carbs when I’m stressed.

And the entire time I am saying it’s all in God’s hands, I can’t fix it so all I can do is trust. But sometimes we need to stop . . . just stop and slow down, take a moment to walk in nature, to meditate, to truly realize that whatever else is going on in our life, we are okay, and we need to take some time to just breathe . . . . just let go of the stress and just BE.

A really good friend reminded me this week that striving for perfection doesn’t work because none of us are perfect; we are all wonderfully, beautifully, perfectly imperfect!!! And today, amidst my hustling and bustling, amidst my need to prove I am a super being so I can do it all! I can write, I can work and pay the bills, and I can be Susie homemaker . . . . and then I remembered those words, and I smiled. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone . . . . and that makes me as close to perfect as possible, just the way I am!

So tonight’s thought is . . .just relax, take a deep breath, and just be. Take the time to enjoy the minutia of life – the things we often over look, like perfect sunsets and sunrises, the beauty in the simplicity of a rose and the feel of grass on bare feet, the sweet smell of puppies and the hugs of children, the comfort of a caring touch, the pleasure in a loving kiss . . . . the connected-ness of holding someone’s hand . . . and the tender joy of knowing we are loved . . . just the way we are!

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