We live in a magical time and we’re capable of performing what would have seemed ‘magic’ even a hundred years ago. Want music? A push of a button or a simple request to our smart device and POOF! We have music! The same with movies – we make people, scenes, places appear at will, right out of the air!!  If we’re missing someone we can not only talk to them, but we can actually see them – right in the palm of our hands or on our tablets and screens. It’s MAGIC!

In our cars, we zoom along at incredible speeds!  Taking for granted that we can easily travel hundreds of miles in a day if we wish. Forgetting that what’s now a simple shopping trip would have been an all day ordeal with horse and buggy or by foot. We have, literally, made time speed up! There are still 24 hours in a day, but we do more in those 24 hours than our ancestors could ever have imagined. 

Our long commutes would have been a two day trip – maybe more – each way – just a hundred years or so ago!  I zoom farther in one day just going to and from work than my ancestors could have in multiple days. With the push of a button and the press of a pedal, whoosh – I zip away!  MAGIC!

Just doing the laundry was an all-day chore and required a hot fire, a lot of wood, and a sunny day to dry the clothes. Now, we have closets bulging with endless choices of what to wear, but not all that long ago, the average person was lucky to have 2 outfits and they were often ill fitting, outgrown or badly repaired. It eliminated the stress of trying to decide what to wear! 

Bathing required a lot of effort as well – just like the laundry, it required you to first gather lots of wood for a fire. Then you had to haul the water and heat it over the fire. Now, it’s as simple as a twist of a knob or a press of a button and we not only have water, but HOT water – no wood required!  MAGIC!  

Yes, in our world we are all MAGICIANS, performing tricks that are second nature to us. But if we were suddenly transported to Salem, Massachusetts, a few hundred years ago, SmartPhone in hand, well, we’d all soon be on trial for wizardry and witchcraft!

Think about it, with a touch of a piece of plastic or a scan of a barcode, we can make purchases – not only from a local vendor, but from ANYWHERE in the world – and have it delivered to our door! No cash or coin involved, no hefty bags of gold or script. Not only that, but I can send and receive funds in seconds – I don’t even need a bank, at least not a brick and mortar one.  And I never “see” my paycheck, the funds “magically” appear in my account. No hoarding of coins or fear of robbery at knife blade, no, now the predators are unseen. They are unseen forces, ones with cunning wizardry and I must always be on alert in order to keep my ‘unseen’ funds safe.

I can have surgery while my medical professional stands at a keyboard and taps the keys and controls, never having to actually touch me. No, instead tiny, mechanical ‘hands’ perform the tasks, removing tumors and sealing the incision. Imagine that, my incisions are cauterized with a beam of light and sealed with a drop of glue – a potion if you will. MAGIC! 

With this magic, I now have the world at my fingertips. I can span the globe, see places far, far away. If I want to visit the Louvre, I only have to look at my device in order to see the Mona Lisa. And I can get a better view than if I were there in person, I can skip the crowds, the jostling, and the elbowing and see it up close!  And should I want to know what the Ancient Chinese had for breakfast, I can just ask my SmartDevice and have the answer in seconds! It’s almost too easy, too much!  

It can be overwhelming because we are bombarded with information at an amazing rate, a constant stream of words, sounds, choices, in never ending succession.  And the saddest part is that even with our magic, we have not changed human nature. Bullies are still bullies, greed is still rampant. We are still bored, or creative at random. We still long for togetherness, still grow lonely and depressed. Those that have little still dream of having more, and those that have more still take it for granted, and voraciously want even more. There are still liars and cheats and those that are caring and giving; it isn’t us that we have changed, it’s merely the way in which we engage with the world. 

This is why the classics can still resonate, why good’s triumph over evil still inspires us, and why a high pitched voice and a haunting melody still stirs our soul. The spiritual, magical beings that we are inside has not changed, it never changes. We still have longings and desires, dreams and needs. We are still made of atoms and molecules of energy and motion – movement and thought – synapses firing and connecting, Souls on a journey, seeking the human experience. And we flow through life like water over stone, shaping it, molding it, changing it, little by little, through the channels of time,  And our magic – our outward growth – is merely an expression of our need to mold, to change, to control, to understand the world around us.

It’s MAGIC! 

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